We remember as vividly as if it were yesterday, sitting down together, eight to ten of us at a time, for a typical family dinner. It was the one time that everyone came together to pay homage to our heritage, reflect on significant events, and share stories of each other’s comings and goings.  Mealtimes played a significant role in our daily lives.

For as long as we can recall, there was always a fish or meat dish, a vegetable dish, and soup  – all meant to complement each other and to be shared around rice.  To break up the rice monotony, mother would simmer a pot of Pho or Spicy Beef Soup or hand make her famous Clear Shrimp Dumplings, among other things.  All were so comforting!!

Soall is a tribute to our Mothers for they are the essence of who we are today.  Their undeniable strengths have kept their families together through the worst of times; and their constant teachings have passed on to us great traditions that will last many lifetimes.  Along with such gifts, we were blessed with the wonderful recipes and secrets only shared between mothers and daughters near a stove fire.

Here at Soall, we hope to share them with you.

Sa & Mia.

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